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We are NOT your typical “rehabber,” “flipper,” or real estate investor

We are industry professionals, who have an equal passion for helping people and for renovation. We work equally as hard to find creative solutions to sellers’ problems as we do ensuring that the product that we put out into the market is a solid home for the new homeowner. We thrive on creating win-win-win situations…that means ALL INVOLVED PARTIES WIN—including the seller and the home buyer.
If you are a seller, we care about you and you can rest assured that we will work hard to help you whatever your situation is. We are part of an extensive network of like-minded professionals whose expertise we can call upon for any type of help you need.
If you are a buyer, we care about you and you can rest assured that we will ABSOLUTELY NOT cut corners on our renovations, like the stories you hear about other investors in the DC market. We are simply not willing to make money at the expense of others. We are industry professionals with experience on all types of construction. We apply that experience to all of the properties we deliver to the market to make it the best possible product that you can invest in and spend many happy years living in.

We are Certified, Licensed Professionals

Our team members hold the following professional licenses and certifications:

Real Estate Sales
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, DC (VA & MD licenses in progress)
Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS®

Project & Construction Management
Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
LEED Green Associate
OSHA 30-Hour
Licensed Asbestos Inspector (Louisiana)

Renovation & Construction Contract Management
Contract Procedures and Contract Officer’s Representative Training

We Have Real Estate Knowledge and Experience

Our team possesses a wealth of program and project management experience, design vision, and new construction and renovation skills across a wide range of project types and scales. Our portfolio includes the following:

  • New construction and renovation of Single-Family Residences (in Louisiana & District of Columbia)
  • Renovation of Multi-Family Properties
  • New construction and renovation of IHG, Hilton Hotels Corporation and Choice Hotels Corporation Hotel brands
  • New construction and renovation of Government Facilities in DC and greater Washington DC metropolitan area
    • Superior Court of the District of Columbia
    • District of Columbia Court of Appeals
    • The Pentagon
    • 39 acre Intelligence Community Campus in Bethesda (ICC-B)
  • New construction of Overseas Government Facilities in Afghanistan and Qatar
  • Development of White River Waterfront Development Plan for the City of Columbus, Indiana

To learn more about why you should work with us visit our Why Work With Us! page.

To learn more about Angela’s professional experience take a look at Angela’s LinkedIn profile.

To learn more about Stephanie’s professional experience take a look at Stephanie’s LinkedIn profile.


Angela D. Landry PMP, LEED Green Associate
—New Construction and Renovation Expert


Angela, on How She Got Here

Good things don’t always start with a laugh or a smile…sometimes they start with a long, hard cry.

Sight unseen, I signed a lease on the rental house that I was going to spend the best graduate school days of my life in. I was super pumped. It looked so cool from the street…a classic bungalow with a great courtyard…I had passed it every day for a year and imagined what amazing dinner parties I would have if I lived there.
Well…things aren’t always what they seem, right? When I finally got a peek inside, I cried my eyes out until I realized that all the tears I could squeeze out wasn’t going to make that nasty, lifeless house any cleaner or any cooler; but a trip to the $5 discarded paint can section at Home Depot might.
Within a week, a passion had reared itself; about a dozen $5 cans of paint, a couple jugs of Clorox, and a few hand tools later my imagination was now my new pad.  Many amazing parties and good times ensued.

I haven’t stopped imagining, designing, building and renovating since.

That passion transformed into a career and over the past fifteen (15) years I completed nearly $500 Million in new construction and renovation contracts designing, building and renovating everything from houses…to hotels…to community centers in Haiti…to the Pentagon and multi-building campuses in DC…to shipping containers in Afghanistan.

I started District Restorations because I want to get back to helping people on the scale of person to person and helping the community by investing my creative energy and and time into it.  I have had an amazing career in D.C. and have been a part of some of the most reputable teams and projects, but working for entities and agencies just doesn’t get me excited to get out of the bed in the morning.  I want to get back to letting my passion drive my everyday…to be excited to get out of bed and work directly with the people in my local community to have the most positive impact that I can.  It’s just that simple.

Favorite thing about DC: sitting on the corner of the Lincoln Memorial and Banneker pool.

Favorite thing about my neighborhood: my neighbors because they are awesome. And, the fact that I can ride my bike anywhere…to a Nats game, to Screen on the Green, to the National Mall, to see a movie, have dinner.

Favorite Place in my neighborhood: Oohh’s & Aahh’s because it’s just flat out good food and reminds me of home.


Stephanie Murray
—REALTOR®, Investor, Landlord

IMG_1934Stephanie, on How She Got Here

She said “I’m fine.  Don’t worry about me. “ But that’s what single mothers say.

At age 9, I found my mother lying on the cold tile floor between the toilet and the bathtub, moaning quietly.  She was unable to move without getting violently nauseated.  At age 38, my mother was having a severe stroke.  While my mom persevered after months of physical therapy, I was forced to discover my strength during this time and become the rock my mother needed me to be.  

It was then that I first discovered my caregiver instinct.

That caregiver instinct developed into a problem-solving, solutions-driven career as a highly successful consultant at a top-ranked international architectural and engineering firm working on everything from major highways to wind energy facilities.

I started District Restorations to get back to focusing on one-on-one experiences.  While my consulting career fit my personality, after 12 years of working on large-scale projects, I found myself disconnected from the results that I was so good at creating.  I longed to get to back to seeing the tangible effect that my work could have, such as a smile or a laugh on a loved one’s face.  Now I get to see those smiles again during strategy sessions with my clients on how to envision and create better lives for their futures and for our DC community.

Favorite thing about DC: going to the Maine Ave Fish Market to pick up oysters (and yes, the photo is not just for show…I do shuck them myself!)

Favorite thing about my neighborhood: being able to commute to everything I need via bike, and mostly along designated bike lanes (thanks DDOT!)

Favorite place in my neighborhood:  The Royal—I love the all-day neighborhood cafe concept and it’s great people watching on a busy DC corner

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