How to Clean a Refrigerator, a Chore You’re Probably Not Doing Often Enough

Posted by Stephanie Murray // March 27, 2019

Knowing how to clean a refrigerator is an essential part of home maintenance. Most people open their fridge multiple times a day, but you’d be surprised by how infrequently fridges actually get cleaned. Some experts recommend cleaning your fridge once a month. “There’s a misconception that bacteria don’t multiply, or they die, at refrigeration temperatures. That’s not […]

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5 Unwritten Etiquette Rules Home Buyers Might Not Even Realize Are a Big Deal

Posted by Stephanie Murray // March 20, 2019

If you’re looking to buy a house, you’re probably eager and excited. That’s fine, but just keep in mind that in this heightened emotional state, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and behave, well, not perfectly. This can lead to trouble since, just like anything else, buying a home comes with its own set of […]

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9 Hidden Home Maintenance Costs That Can Blindside First-Time Buyers

Posted by Stephanie Murray // March 13, 2019

So you’re a first-time buyer who just closed the deal on your new home and moved in. Finally, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. After all, you managed to pony up a down payment, closing costs, and other sundry expenses. Provided you make your monthly mortgage payments, you’re fine and dandy on the […]

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6 Things in Your Bathrooms That Are Freaking Out Potential Buyers

Posted by Stephanie Murray // March 6, 2019

Bathrooms are, by design, private spaces. After all, there’s a door and a lock for a good reason. But when your house hits the market, dozens of strangers will suddenly be tramping through your bathrooms—and everything that once felt so private will now become painfully public. And those strangers will be passing judgment on what […]

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6 Must-Haves for Your Fireplace Mantel: What Are You Missing?

Posted by Stephanie Murray // February 27, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace in your home, whether it throws real heat or just holds a few candles, then you know the mantel is a piece of prime real estate. It’s a focal point in the room, which means this spot deserves some attention when selecting accessories, lighting, and design details. But a […]

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A Whole New Credit Score Is Coming—Are You Prepared?

Posted by Stephanie Murray // February 20, 2019

Chances are good you know all about  your credit score. Also called a FICO score, this magical number is a major factor in many financial transactions, including qualifying for a mortgage and renting apartments. Yet here’s some info that may have slipped past your news feed: In October 2018, the Fair Isaac Corp. (the creators of FICO) announced […]

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6 Ways to Lavish Some Love on Home, Sweet Home

Posted by Stephanie Murray // February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a time to lavish love and appreciation on people you adore. Perhaps you celebrate by going out for dinner with your sweetie, or give your friends cards and candies to remind them how much you care. But what about your home? Given all it does for you, doesn’t it deserve some love, too? […]

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5 Big Reasons to Sell Your Home This Year (Because It Could Get Tougher)

Posted by Stephanie Murray // February 6, 2019

It’s no secret that life’s been pretty good to sellers for the past several years. Even if you had no need—or desire—to move, the housing landscape might have seriously tempted you to put your house on the market anyway. After all, it’s hard not to see visions of dollar signs when your neighbors are unloading […]

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Can You Use a Home Equity Line of Credit for Business Expenses?

Posted by Stephanie Murray // January 23, 2019

Data shows that cash flow issues are the reason why one in four small businesses don’t survive past the first year. It’s also the reason why half of all small businesses don’t survive beyond the fifth year. Successfully managing working capital during the first year when you don’t have credit is a huge challenge. Continuing […]

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8 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating Their Bathroom

Posted by Stephanie Murray // January 16, 2019

Of all the spaces in the house, the bathroom is the one that we Americans just love to renovate. In fact, just last year, bathrooms overtook kitchens as the most popular remodeling project, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders. It makes sense: An Instagram-worthy bathroom can not only give your home a spalike […]

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