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Searching for a Home?


Our Real Estate Specialist Stephanie is an Investor/Landlord/REALTOR® and has the knowledge and experience to help you with any type of home search that you can possibly think of!


Want to buy a property renovated by District Restorations LLC?
She can help you.


Looking for your dream home or a second home, but you’re not sure where?
She can help you get familiar with the D.C market, and even if you decide that D.C. is not for you…she has a network of other fantastic agents who she can refer you to in the local area—VA and MD—and all over the U.S.!


Want a fixer upper OR want to take on a full gut renovation?
Stephanie loves those properties too and keeps an up-to-date inventory of “fixer-uppers” and “gutters” in the D.C. market.


Want to take on a full renovation, but don’t know how?
…don’t know contractors…afraid of the D.C. permitting process…don’t know don’t know what type of loan products are available…? Stephanie can help you with that too.  She is an investor with personal experience in gut renovations and a network of knowledgeable contractors and lenders specializing in renovation.  She can help you find your property, develop a financial and construction strategy for your renovation, and help you find resources to complete your renovation.


Do you want to be a landlord and you’re looking for your first rental property?
Stephanie is a landlord herself and can help you evaluate short and long term rental strategies, help you determine cash flow potential and walk you through the process of getting your rental set up legally in D.C.  She can even counsel you on the pros and cons of renting in D.C. and the ins and outs of the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) to ensure you know what you getting in to when you decide to offer a property for rent in D.C.


Are you a landlord and want to add rental properties to your portfolio?
Stephanie can help you do that, whether you’re looking for a turn-key rental property or one that you can make rental-ready.


Looking for something not listed here?
Let Stephanie know what it is.  She is solutions-driven, always looking for a real estate challenge, and can help you no matter what real estate need you have.


Call Stephanie TODAY at 202.525.3394

If you would prefer that she call you, enter your information in the box to the right of the page and she will be in touch.  We will also add you to our mailing list to receive our FREE Newsletter and Real Estate Information! 


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