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Icon_LaptopCall us or enter your information in the web form to the right.

Icon_PhoneCallYou will be contacted to discuss your difficult-to-sell listings.

Icon_ThumbsWe will analyze the property and make an offer.

Icon_MoneyBagWe can close quickly.

Call us at 202.525.3394 to tell us about your difficult-to-sell listings and discuss how we can help you.  If you would prefer that we call you, enter your information in the box to the right of the page and we’ll be in touch.  We will also add you to our mailing list to receive our FREE Newsletter and Real Estate Information!

Why call us?  Because we can help you!  Here’s how:

  • We are local to D.C.
    Unlike many “flippers” operating in D.C. who are in-experienced and do not know the local laws and codes, we live, own, rent and work in D.C. and we have extensive experience executing new construction projects and full-scale renovation projects.  That means we will not waste your time with offers on which we cannot perform.
  • We put more money in your pocket.
    If you bring us your hard-to-sell pocket listings, we want you to earn both sides of the commission.
  • We know how to navigate D.C.’s strict tenant laws.
    If you have a seller with trouble tenants we can work with you to help walk them through the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) process and purchase the property.  We know TOPA and have experience working with sellers in these situations.
  • We have cash.
    We have cash funding lined up to purchase as soon as tomorrow for the right opportunity.
  • We are interested in establishing long-term relationships.
    We are looking for good agents that we can work with over and over again to buy your difficult-to-sell listings.  We are not your typical “flippers” just out to make a buck in a hot market and move on, we are investing in our community where we live and see a future.
  • We are only interested in creating win-win-win scenarios.
    We buy properties at all price points and in any condition, from cosmetic rehabs to complete tear-downs.  If the seller has an issue that you are unsure how to resolve in order to list, we can help resolve it to create a win-win-win scenario for the seller, you the agent and us the buyer.  That is our specialty!
  • We refer you.
    We prefer to work in D.C., but are often contacted by sellers with properties located in MD and VA.  We are always looking for good agents licensed in MD and VA who we can refer to our MD and VA clients.  Once we have had a good experience with you, we would love to refer you.
  • We specialize in finding solutions in difficult situations.
    We specialize in short sale approval assistance for agents, solving title issues, buying properties with structural or environmental issues, buying properties that are vacant or blighted, or providing a solution for any other issue that makes your property hard to sell.
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