Our Philosophy

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We started District Restorations LLC because we have a passion for helping people and a passion for renovation.  

Our passion for Helping People.  Whatever your situation may be…good or bad…we LOVE our D.C. community and we want to help you.  We say that “we are a full service real estate solutions firm in D.C.”  because we believe there is a solution for everything.  Whatever you’re real estate need is we are committed to providing a solution customized to fit your needs and your timeline.

Our passion for Renovation.  We are NOT your typical investor or “flipper” just out to make a buck.  We focus on building value into the local community by rehabilitating properties that are vacant or in need of significant repairs and restoring them to active use.  We are renovation professionals and our company is passionate about renovation because it is a way to “give back” to our D.C. community.

By choosing to work with us you are giving back to your local community—both through supporting the kind of work that we choose to do and through the local organizations that we support:

  • DC Preservation League—Bloomingdale Historic Preservation Project
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Architecture for Humanity
  • Think Local First
  • Food & Friends
  • Capital Area Food Bank
  • Central Union Mission
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Justice for Vets
  • The Victory Fund
  • Whitman-Walker Health
  • Courtney’s House

food & friends

Angela & Stephanie dining out for Food & Friends!



Angela of District Restorations and Elizabeth Balish of Elizabeth Balish Interiors teamed up to renovate a room in Shae’s Place.  The only one of it’s kind in the Washington D.C. area, Shae’s Place is a 6-bedroom long term group home (run by Courtney’s House) for sex trafficked girls between the ages of 12 and 18.


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