Why Work With Us?

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Why Work With Us?


Because we operate our business according the things that we value the most—Culture.  Quality of Life.  Local Community.  Architectural Preservation. Creativity & Affordability.  Environment.



We place high value on the people and culture of the communities in which we work, and we strive to incorporate our projects seamlessly into the local neighborhood.


Quality of Life.

We transform the exterior space along with the interior space to optimize the livability and enjoyment of the home and to promote positive community interaction.


Local Community.

We seek to employ and purchase materials from local tradesmen and artisans.


Architectural Preservation.

Our restorations honor the architectural history of the building and community while fusing it with modern functionality.



We creatively reuse existing materials and incorporate less expensive and reclaimed materials to bring unique properties to market at or below market value.



We believe in the reuse and recycling of buildings and building materials to reduce the waste of land and resources. We incorporate sustainable design concepts to the greatest extent practicable.


We are we are emphatic about playing our part in strengthening the local economy and fostering the cultural and historic richness of the neighborhoods we work in.


Our mission is to invest in community restoration opportunities for the purpose of creating vibrant, active spaces that reflect the character and culture of the local neighborhood.


By choosing to work with us you are giving back to your local community—both through supporting the kind of work that we choose to do and through the local organizations that we support:

  • DC Preservation League—Bloomingdale Historic Preservation Project
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Architecture for Humanity
  • Think Local First
  • Food & Friends
  • Capital Area Food Bank
  • Central Union Mission
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Justice for Vets
  • The Victory Fund
  • Whitman-Walker Health
  • Courtney’s House
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